Amethyst offer the following training courses in 2009.... 

4-Year Training Diploma in Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy. Beginning in October 2009, this training programme complies with the recommended European standards and will enable successful graduates to apply for membership of The Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP).

Read more about this Training Program here. Full program in PDF format is here. For an application form, click here.

Post Graduate Courses for continuing education. Core Trainers: Carmel Byrne, Alison Hunter, Shirley Ward - all are founding members of the IAHIP in 1993, and holders of European certificates of Psychotherapy.

Group facilitation - 3 x 3day weekends with Alison Hunter

Play Therapy with Children - 4 weekends with Carmel Byrne

Pre and Perinatal Psychology & Psychotherapy -

4 weekends with Shirley Ward

Individual clients are welcomed for counselling and psychotherapy. Supervision and small group days for 4 people for regression work are offered.

Alison Hunter 061 - 376331, Shirley Ward 061 - 374533, Carmel Byrne 061 - 374926 
Write to: Ballybroghan, Killaloe, Co Clare, Ireland


  • takes a whole person approach - body, mind, spirit and emotions.

  • recommends skilled therapists who will help adults and children, particularly those with unresolved birth and prenatal traumas.

  • trains therapists and healers in pre and perinatal theory and practice.

  • encourages research into the role of birth and prenatal experiences in influencing personality development and human behaviour.

  • recognises that the family, society and nations can only be healed as each individual person is healed.

  • encourages preconception and prenatal education for prospective parents.


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