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General Company Questions

Q: What makes HealthForce different from other supplement companies?

A: HealthForce has been a leader in whole-food nutrition for well over two decades. We are proud to be the #1 source for high-quality, Vegan superfoods. HealthForce is committed to nutrition the way nature intended. Towards that end, we produce highly therapeutic, low temperature dried whole food supplements that consist of superfoods, herbs, and clays, packaged in our unique EcoFresh Nutrient Lock Packaging™. Our mission is to achieve the highest levels of purity and potency possible in our products, and thus we do not use any binders, fillers, or excipients. In addition, our hard-core, TruGanic™ standards and practices take quality, purity, potency, and therapeutic value to a new level. Finally, our products are 100% Vegan and produced in a gluten-free, NSF-certified facility.

Our commitment to offering the highest potency, cleanest purity, and most affordable product to YOU, the end consumer, is what moves us and is at the heart and soul of HealthForce Nutritionals. HealthForce truly cares and is committed to providing you with the best possible product at the best possible value. We focus on supporting the healing and regeneration of people, not profits. We invite you to experience our Vital Healing Botanicals™, and the massive therapeutic value they have to offer.

Q: How is HealthForce “Hard-Core”?

A: “Hard-core” is our pledge to offer the purest, most potent, and therapeutically valuable products possible. “Hard-core” stands for our dedication to real, uncorrupted quality and integrity, without compromise. HealthForce has a hard-core commitment to purity and potency, while offering the best possible value to the end consumer. We are proud to be on the leading edge with unique production practices that take quality, nutrient density/bioavailability, and therapeutic value to a new level. HealthForce is proud to offer hard-core products, with hard-core packaging, offering hard-core healing.

Q: How long has HealthForce been in business?

A: 1990

Q: Is HealthForce in compliance with GMP standards?

A: Yes. All HealthForce products are produced in our own NSF-certified facility. We work hard to maintain quality standards which go above and beyond GMP standards. For example, we do not allow wireless internet in our production facility. Instead, all computers in our production facility use Ethernet connections. We also use only non-toxic cleaning products, and all of our construction materials, such as paint, wood products, and adhesives are non-toxic and formaldehyde free. In summary, HealthForce takes every step possible to ensure the utmost quality and effectiveness of our products, regardless as to whether or not it is required by law.

Q: Who is the creator and formulator behind HealthForce? Who is Jameth Sheridan, Doctor of Holistic Medicine (D.H.M.), Naturopath, and Hard-Core Herbal Medicine Researcher?

A: Jameth Sheridan is a Naturopath Herbal Medicine Researcher, the owner, co-founder, and formulator of HealthForce. Jameth lives a hard core, whole-food, and Vegan lifestyle with yogi warrior spirit, dedicated to health, and helping people heal. Jameth’s goal is simple: produce the highest quality raw, Vegan, Bio-Compatible Nutritional SuperFoods™ and share the health benefits these have to offer with people all over the world. Jameth is continually at the forefront of nutritional research and education and lives 100% of what he teaches. Jameth is continually testing, researching, and evolving products to stay on the leading edge of what’s possible. HealthForce products never stay the same because Jameth is passionate about continually refining and remastering his formulas to be the best they can possibly be, based on present understanding, which is always evolving.

Jameth shares his life with his wife Kim Sheridan. Jameth and Kim founded HealthForce in 1990, inspired by their shared vision for helping people obtain the best nutritional products yielding the best results. Due to the limited availability of “hard-core” products available on the market at that time, they decided they would have to go into production themselves to manifest these goals. It started with small, hand-made-in-the-kitchen, locally-distributed batches of Vitamineral Green™, driven by Jameth and Kim’s passion to offer the best of the best. Now, over two decades later, Jameth stands strong as proud formulator, operating with the same guiding principles and ethics that formed the company.

“The quality, therapeutic concentration, and affordability of a nutritional product can, and often does, mean the difference between lethargy and energy, sickness and health, and, quite literally, life and death. I don’t want anyone to be tired, sick, or dead because they could not obtain or afford the best possible product. If someone does not feel this same way, they should not be in the nutritional product business. I live and breathe this philosophy in both my personal and professional life, and constantly strive to evolve HealthForce products and offer them at the best possible values.” Dr. Jameth Sheridan, Doctor of Holistic Medicine (D.H.M.), Naturopath, and Hard-Core Herbal Medicine Researcher

Q: Is Dr. Sheridan available for consultations?

A: At this time, Dr. Sheridan is focused on running HealthForce Nutritionals and doing research for upcoming books. You can find video and audio files with Dr. Sheridan on the education tab on our website.

General Product Questions

Q: What is a whole food supplement?

A: Typical multivitamin supplements contain minerals that are inorganic mineral salts. Minerals in this form are little more than crushed rocks that have been processed with acids. You can recognize these minerals on a label because they are always listed with two words – zinc picolinate, calcium citrate, magnesium glycinate, etc. Even the small amounts of minerals from these substances that make it into the bloodstream are lacking in cofactors that facilitate effective utilization by our cells, and can therefore contribute to toxic buildup in tissues with long-term consumption.

Typical multivitamins also contain isolated, synthetically produced vitamins (e.g., ascorbic acid, thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid) made in a laboratory. These isolated compounds are not the real vitamins. Vitamin activity in the body cannot be labeled as one specific compound; it involves a timed sequence of interactions between many different cofactors such as vitamins, enzymes, coenzymes, antioxidants, and trace mineral activators. When we consume an isolated vitamin like ascorbic acid, for example, it will rob the cofactors it needs from our tissues in an attempt to produce nutritionally complete vitamin activity, potentially producing nutritional imbalances and deficiencies with long-term consumption. Even worse, our bodies successfully convert only a small percentage of the isolated vitamins we consume to actual vitamin activity. The rest becomes a burden that our body must remove.

HealthForce superfood products, on the other hand, are derived from actual whole foods. We do nutrition the way nature intended. For example, Vitamineral Green™ consists of 25+ whole superfoods (e.g., nettles, wheatgrass, spirulina, kelp), and whole food juices that have been dried at low temperatures and then ground into a powder, with no fillers, binders or excipients added. Dr. Sheridan formulated Vitamineral Green™ to be the most mineral- and vitamin-rich product possible that is made from 100% whole foods. Since the micronutrients in Vitamineral Green™ are from whole food, the body recognizes and utilizes them way more effectively than those found in conventional multivitamin supplements.

There are many multivitamin supplements on the market these days that claim to be “food-based,” some of which even go so far as to feature words like “whole foods,” “raw,” and “food-based” prominently on the label. These types of supplements generally fall into two categories, both of which are upgrades over the conventional multivitamins with isolated nutrients, but neither of which is truly food-based in our minds. The first type is a traditional multivitamin with synthetic, isolated nutrients that has some food added in on the side. The second type is a “food-grown” supplement where the isolated, synthetic minerals, and vitamins found in a traditional multivitamin have been fed to a yeast and/or probiotic culture. The idea here is that, as the microbes consume these synthetic nutrients, they somehow transform them into a form closer to what is found in actual food. While this type of supplement may be an upgrade over an old-school multivitamin with all synthetic, isolated nutrients, it is still a far cry from actual whole foods as far as we are concerned.

Q: Can I use your products to replace a daily multivitamin?

A: Yes. Dr. Jameth Sheridan formulated Vitamineral Green™, for example, to be the most mineral- and vitamin-rich product possible that is made from 100% whole foods. Since the micronutrients in Vitamineral Green™ are from whole food, the body recognizes and absorbs them way more effectively than conventional multivitamin supplements which are full of isolated, synthetic vitamins and inorganic mineral salts. Less is more in this case. Even though Vitamineral Green™ does not contain as many minerals and vitamins in terms of % RDA as a traditional multivitamin pill or liquid, Vitamineral Green™ is so much more absorbable that you end up getting way more utilizable nutrition into your body this way. In addition, Vitamineral Green™ does NOT rob your body of vital nutrients required for metabolizing vitamins, or deposit toxic inorganic mineral salts in your tissues, as do traditional multivitamin supplements.

For the ultimate HealthForce healing experience, we recommend combining Vitamineral Green™ with Vitamineral Earth™ (“Earth™”). Earth™ is the ultimate grounding superfood. It has a unique array of deeply nutritive and phyto-nutritive healing roots, barks, herbs, and seeds. The greens provide an all-around neutral energy (but yin by comparison) and Earth™ the yang. In combination we have a unique balance of superfoods where one plus one equals far more than two. Vitamineral Green™ combined with Earth™ provides an unparalleled nutritional synergy that allows you to take charge of your health and feel amazing! No smoke, no mirrors, just hard-core complete nutrition.

The combination of these superfood blends provide all the nutrients you require for sustained cellular energy and phenomenal health, including nutrients (vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, chlorophyll, essential fatty acids, probiotics, and enzymes) often missing from diets. This full spectrum of essential nutrients allows our bodies to get healthy and stay healthy for life. The combination of Vitamineral Green™ and Earth™ is so complete that (other than calories) you could nutritionally live off them!*

HealthForce also has a variety of other incredibly nutrient-rich superfoods that can take you nutritional program to the next level: Chlorella Manna™, Spirulina Manna™, Spirulina Azteca™, Elixir of the Lake™, Truly Natural™ Vitamin C, Friendly Fats™, MacaForce™, Greener Grasses™ Alkalizer, Non-GMO Lecithin™, and Green Protein Alchemy™.

* Not a meal replacement. Does not provide sufficient calories.

Q: What is EcoFresh Nutrient Lock Packaging™?

A: Our EcoFresh Nutrient Lock Packaging™ system (glass bottle, airtight metal lid with rubber seal, and oxygen absorber in the bottle) effectively creates a vacuum inside the bottle, preventing oxidation of fragile nutrients. In addition, amber glass is UV resistant and can withstand heat much more than plastic. We work hard to source the highest quality ingredients with the highest nutritional density. It is important to us that we deliver the product to YOU, the consumer, with all nutrients intact and optimally preserved.

Note that all plastic bottles and metal/foil pouches (and plastic lids on glass bottles) allow oxygen to pass through and come into contact with the product inside the bottle, slowly oxidizing valuable nutrients as the product sits on the shelf waiting to be purchased. In addition, plastic bottles and metal/foil pouches (worst and not recyclable) off-gas volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that negatively affect our health, and are highly toxic to melt down. In contrast, our bottles do not off-gas and can be easily recycled (non-toxic to melt down), or better, reused for dry or liquid food storage!

Q: Are HealthForce products organic?

A: All of the ingredients in HealthForce superfoods products are either sustainably grown, wildcrafted, or pesticide free. We always choose the most nutrient-rich, toxin-free ingredients we can find. There are some cases, however, where we would actually reduce the therapeutic potency and purity of our products if we restricted ourselves to certified organic ingredients only. Wildcrafted ingredients are generally superior nutritionally to any cultivated crops (including certified organic crops), and often contain less contaminants. Also, many small farmers are growing using sustainable methods and have superior quality ingredients over those produced by large certified organic operations. We use a number of ingredients in our products that fall into this category.

The bottom line is that HealthForce is on a mission to make the best products possible. As a result, we are willing to sacrifice our products looking good on the outside (having a “certified organic” label) in order for them to be the best they can be on the inside (where it counts) in terms of purity and potency

Q: What is the TruGanic™ standard?

A: TruGanic™ is a purist, hard-core, quality standard for sourcing and production that takes standards beyond those dictated by USDA Organic. Our TruGanic™ products must pass tests to verify that they are 100% free of GMOs, irradiation, pesticides, and herbicides. The TruGanic™ standard was created by Dr. Sheridan to verify absolute purity. This came in response to a significant erosion and widespread dissatisfaction with organic standards as defined by the USDA.

You can read more about our TruGanic™ Program here: TruGanic™ White Paper.

We intend to offer as many TruGanic™ products as possible, which currently includes the following: Vitamineral Green™, Earth™, Truly Natural™ Vitamin C, Greener Grasses™ Alkalizer, Green Protein Alchemy™, Spirulina Manna™, Spirulina Azteca™, Elixir of the Lake™, Chlorella Manna™, MacaForce™, Purity Protein™, ZeoForce™, Nopal Blood Sugar™, Friendly Fats™, Friendly Force™, Intestinal Drawing Formula™, Warrior Food™, Warrior Greens™, Elite Green Protein™, Warrior Core™ Foundation, and Warrior Endurance™.

Q: What are your standards for heavy metals in your products?

A: HealthForce is committed to excellence in product purity, and we therefore focus on providing high quality products with the lowest levels of heavy metals possible, in ways that do not compromise the integrity and health benefits of our products. HealthForce strictly follows cGMP standards in our production facility, and we therefore do independent, third-party heavy metal testing (arsenic, cadmium, mercury, lead, etc.) on all our raw materials to make sure our products do not contain excessive amounts of these metals. Any raw material which tests above our strict standards for heavy metal content will be rejected.

For more information on heavy metals, please refer to our heavy metal page: Heavy Metals

Q: Are HealthForce products Vegan?

A: Yes, all HealthForce products are 100% guaranteed Vegan. Our entire production facility is 100% Vegan, with no animal products used anywhere on site. Jameth and Kim Sheridan (HealthForce founders and owners) have eaten a whole food, Vegan diet for over 25 years and HealthForce is strongly infused with these values and principles. We are proud to be a 100% Vegan/cruelty-free company, and our products are phenomenal for supporting a healthy and balanced Vegan and/or vegetarian diet.

Q: Do I have to be Vegan to benefit from HealthForce products?

A: You do not have to be Vegan to use HealthForce products and get health benefits. Our products offer nutrient density and therapeutic concentration that is usable to anyone on any diet. Though we recommend a diet with emphasis on high-water-content, raw, Vegan foods, we are not a “Vegans-only” company, and we are not in the business of telling you what you “should” eat. Our passion is simply making high-quality products that are Vegan and therefore suitable for everyone. We want you to be empowered to do what works best for you. If you are not Vegan, and aren’t interested in Veganism, or have tried Veganism and decided it doesn’t work for you, and/or thrive on any other diet other than strict Veganism, don’t let “Vegan” turn you away. Ultimately, HealthForce products can be beneficial to anyone on any diet.

Q: Are HealthForce products gluten free?

A: HealthForce products are produced without any gluten ingredients in a 100% gluten-free facility.

Myth: wheatgrass juice/fiber contains gluten.

Fact: HealthForce Greener Grasses™ Alkalizer blend (containing wheat and barley grass fibers/juices) is gluten free. Gluten is contained in some grains that grow into grasses, such as wheat and barley), but not the actual grass fibers. Sometimes, in the process of harvesting grasses, some of the seeds are pulled out of the soil and are mixed in with the grasses, effectively contaminating them with gluten. We use mature grasses, which are gluten free, and also offer the benefit of being more bioavailable and nutrient dense. Young, tray-grown grasses can potentially have gluten contamination much more easily, by way of the actual berries being pulled out of the soil during harvest and juiced with the grass. It is possible that even small amounts of gluten can affect someone with Celiac’s disease, so it is best to only consume mature grown grasses to be on the safe side.

Q: How are HealthForce products dried?

A: We source ingredients that are dried at the lowest possible temperatures to preserve the integrity of the fragile nutrients, life force energy, and enzymes.

We choose low heat drying over freeze drying, because we feel that one processing method damages fragile nutrients less than two. In other words, we feel that freezing AND drying degrades fragile nutrients more than just low temperature drying.

Q: How is it possible for the probiotics in your products to stay active without refrigeration?

A: HealthForce probiotics have been freeze-dried and are thus in a state of suspended animation. These probiotics are shelf-stable at room temperature as long as they do not come into contact with heat, oxygen, and moisture. The HealthForce EcoFresh Nutrient Lock Packaging™ system effectively protects our probiotics so that they do not degrade. Once our shelf-stable probiotics come into contact with a liquid (e.g., you mix Vitamineral Green™ with coconut water), the majority of them come back to life and are then “live cultures.”

Some probiotic supplements are already in the live culture state. In this case, the probiotics are alive and actively consuming the medium in which they reside. These probiotics must be stored in a refrigerator, as cold temperatures slow down their metabolism so they do not eat up all their food source and die. This is why things like yogurt, kefir, and kombucha (all live culture products) must be refrigerated.

Q: What are HealthForce VeganCaps™?

A: Our VeganCaps™ are made from tapioca, which is naturally fermented into a water-soluble polysaccharide known as pullulan. This material provides the best oxygen barrier properties of any vegetarian capsule, and dissolves just as easily as a gelatin capsule, and faster than traditional veggie caps. In addition, HealthForce VeganCaps™ are starch free, preservative free, gluten free, and GMO free. Our VeganCaps™ are also certified halal and kosher.

Unfortunately, most vegetarian capsules on the market are made from genetically modified corn. They also usually contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a synthesized surfactant used in many cleaning and personal care products as a binding agent in the capsules.

Q: Why are some of the HealthForce herbal formulas offered in VeganCaps™ instead of liquid tinctures?

A: With herbal extracts, we can offer higher potency and therapeutic value in capsule, rather than liquid form. All herbal extracts start in liquid form with a liquid solvent, usually alcohol. With the exception of alcohol sensitivity for some people, there is nothing inherently wrong with consuming the solvent along with the herb (many well-respected herbalists use extracts in liquid/alcohol form). However, higher potency and concentration can be obtained by evaporating the alcohol, so all that’s left is the herbal extract itself. This is the process by which all HealthForce herbal extract products undergo before encapsulation, to enable the highest potency. Products that include herbal extracts are Liver Rescue™, CircuForce Brain Power™, Antioxidant Extreme™, SCRAM™, and Intestinal Movement Formula™.

Q: Do I need to refrigerate any of your products?

A: Not necessarily. Our EcoFresh Nutrient Lock Packaging™ system is the best in the industry, and protects the integrity of the fragile nutrients in our products quite well. The amber glass prevents the most damaging wavelengths of light from destroying fragile nutrients. In addition, the glass bottle, airtight metal lid with rubber seal, and oxygen absorber in the bottle effectively creates a vacuum inside the bottle, preventing oxidation of fragile nutrients. Once opened, putting our products in the refrigerator is beneficial if you have the space, but it is usually fine to just store in a dry, dark, cool place (e.g., kitchen cupboard).

The following products are probably best stored in the refrigerator once opened: Earth™, Friendly Fats™, Friendly Force™, MacaForce™, non-GMO Lecithin™, Truly Natural™ Vitamin C, and Vitamineral Green™. Make sure all products stored in refrigerator have the lids screwed back on tightly to form a moisture-proof barrier.

Q: What is the best way to take Vitamineral Green™ and the other HealthForce superfoods?

A: Add these products to anything that is healthy and easy to digest. Most people prefer these products in something with a touch of sweetness. They can be mixed in purified water, fresh fruit and/or vegetable juices, smoothies, coconut water, and almond milk. With the exception of Earth™, do NOT place these products in anything that is heated (e.g., hot tea), as heat will destroy the enzymes, probiotics, and many other fragile nutrients.

A simple recipe that allows addition of HealthForce superfoods of your choice follows:

Basic Smoothie Recipe:

  • 1 cup fresh or frozen berries
  • 8 ounces water, nut/seed milk, or coconut water
  • 1 fresh or frozen banana
  • 1-2 tablespoons Vitamineral Green™
  • Other HealthForce superfoods of choice

Blend and enjoy

Q: Can I take too many products at one time?

A: You cannot take too many superfoods at once. Superfoods are simply highly micronutrient-rich food, and mixing a variety of HealthForce superfoods into a smoothie would be like eating a salad with many different kinds of highly nutritious vegetables.

Listen to your own body.

Q. Are your products made in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certified Facility?

A: Yes. HealthForce products are manufactured in a GMP facility certified by NSF International ( We follow the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) regulations set out in CFR 111 (CURRENT GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE IN MANUFACTURING, PACKAGING, LABELING, OR HOLDING OPERATIONS FOR DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS). We have third-party audits by NSF twice a year, and at least once per year by the FDA.

Q: Why do HealthForce products have version numbers, and what happens to a product when a new version number is released?

A: HealthForce constantly strives to improve the quality of our products.  As we source better quality raw materials, or develop an improved formulation, we upgrade our products and this is reflected by a new version number.  When a version number changes by just 0.1, usually the ingredients in the product remain unchanged, but we have simply changed the relative percentage or upgraded the quality of one or more of our ingredients.  Version number changes by a whole digit, from 5 to 6 for example, are indicative of major formula upgrades.

Specific Product Questions

Q: Why is the Warrior Food™ protein packaged in plastic?

A: Our 1000 mg bottles of Warrior Food™ protein are packaged in 100% recyclable black hard plastic containers made with actual recycled content. We had to use plastic in this case, because a glass bottle of this size would likely not survive shipping. Other companies use cheap, soft plastic lined pouches for packaging of their protein powders. Unfortunately, these pouches outgas high amounts of xenoestrogens and other toxic chemicals, dramatically degrading the nutritional content of the product. These NON-Eco packages are also NOT recycled or recyclable.

Q: Does Vitamineral Green™ contain any fillers?

A: No! Vitamineral Green™ is NOT diluted with inexpensive apple pectin, flax meal, fiber, rice bran, barley malt, F.O.S., oat bran, rice solids, lecithin, or anything else! Vitamineral Green™ is designed to be the most mineral- and vitamin-rich product we could make that is still 100% food. As a result, Vitamineral Green™ is almost all green foods, as green foods are by far the most micronutrient-rich foods on the planet.

Q: Why do you use both whole leaf grasses and dehydrated grass juice powder in your products?

A: Whole leaf grasses provide high levels of valuable micronutrients, as well as beneficial fiber. This fiber provides an important food source (prebiotic) for the probiotics in our products, and also serves to promote bowel regularity and detoxification.

Note that the cell walls of whole leaf grasses are made of cellulose, which humans cannot digest. Thus, whole leaf grasses must be ground finely enough to have their cell walls broken in order to make the nutrients found inside the cell bioavailable. Unlike many other whole leaf grass products on the market that are ground coarsely, our whole leaf grasses are very finely ground so that the micronutrients are bioavailable.

We also use dehydrated grass juice powders in our products, because grass juice powders provide highly concentrated levels of bioavailable micronutrients.

Q: What is the difference between the Spirulina Manna™ and Spirulina Azteca™?

A: There are two strains of spirulina currently being cultivated in algae farms around the world – Arthrospira platensis (Spirulina Manna™), which is indigenous to Lake Chenghai in China and Lake Chad in Africa, and Arthrospira maxima (Spirulina Azteca™), which is indigenous to Lake Texcoco in Mexico.

We grow the spirulina for our Spirulina Manna™ in the California desert, using quadruple filtered water in man-made ponds that are sheltered from outside contamination. When harvested, the spirulina is tested extensively for all known contaminants, including other toxic algae strains and bacteria. It has a mild flavor and smell, and mixes smoothly.

Spirulina Azteca™ is a variety grown in Chile in South America. It is also grown in a man-made environment, and is certified contaminant free as well. It has a bit stronger taste and smell than the Spirulina Manna™ has, and mixes well, but isn’t always as smooth as the Spirulina Manna™.

Both of these spirulinas are comparable in potency and consistency of nutrient content. However, Spirulina Manna™ has more beta carotene than Spirulina Azteca™, while Spirulina Azteca™ has more total mineral content than Spirulina Manna™. We suggest alternating bottles of Spirulina Azteca™ and Spirulina Manna™ in order to get more variety in your diet.

Spirulina is generally comprised of approximately 65% protein, 10% fat, and 25% complex carbohydrate. One tablespoon contains 9.8 grams protein, 1.5 grams fat, and 3.8 grams complex carbohydrate. Spirulina contains up to 13% essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and zinc, as well as the complete vitamin B complex and many important antioxidants (which protect cells).

Q: Do any of your algae products contain BMAA?

A: This question flows from a 2005 study/article, which showed that some strains of blue green algae (cyanobacteria) produce BMAA, which is possibly a mild neurotoxin. The edible algae chlorella does not produce BMAA, as it is a green algae. Although spirulina is a blue green algae, it does not produce BMAA:

Here is a good article documenting the fact that BMAA is a very mild toxin:

The algae that grows in Upper Klamath Lake is a blue green algae, but also does not produce BMAA. One Klamath Lake Company (Cell Tech) ran tests for neurotoxins (including BMAA) for 10 years and never found any, as reported by their lead scientist: Drapeau reports “In Klamath Lake, nearly ten years of intense testing has failed to reveal the presence of any neurotoxins….”

Other relevant reading:

Q: Do any of your algae products contain microcystins?

A: Microcystins are fairly potent liver toxins produced by a fresh water blue green algae called Microcystis aeruginosa. None of the algae we sell produce microcystins. Our algae could, however, become contaminated with microcystins if Microcystis aeruginosa starts blooming in the water where they are grown. In the case of our spirulina and chlorella, our growers carefully monitor the ponds and do regular testing to verify that no other strains of algae are growing.

There is one lake in China where spirulina grows wild and is harvested for consumption. It is possible that spirulina from this lake is contaminated with microcytins, as there is no way to prevent Microcystis aeruginosa from blooming in the lake. It’s probably best to avoid Chinese spirulina.

Klamath Lake algae (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) from Upper Klamath Lake may also contain microcystins, as Microcystis aeruginosa has been found growing in this lake. Our Klamath Lake algae product (Elixir of the Lake™) is harvested in the fall, after microcystis has stopped blooming. At this time, microcystis is almost completely crowded out by the massive bloom of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae. Each batch of Elixir of the Lake™ is sent to a certified, independent laboratory and thoroughly tested to ensure that the microcystin content is well below the stringent requirement of under one part per million set by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Q: How is oxygen stabilized in water with Oxygen Supreme II™?

A: Oxygen Supreme II™ is produced by a proprietary process that involves electrolysis. The basic idea is that an electric current is run through a salt water solution. This current breaks apart some of the water molecules, liberating free oxygen through the reaction: 2H2O + electrical energy => 2H2 + O2. The salt water then helps to stabilize the oxygen in the solution.

Q: Why should I take Greener Grasses™ Alkalizer if I take Vitamineral Green™?

A: Greener Grasses™ Alkalizer is made from five different highly alkalizing foods (wheat grass, oat grass, barley grass, dandelion, alfalfa). While Vitamineral Green™ is a very alkalizing product, it is relatively high in protein (36%), which somewhat lowers its net alkalizing effects on the body, as all protein generates acidity in the body when metabolized. Greener Grasses™ Alkalizer is much lower in protein, and the grasses are exceptionally rich in alkalizing minerals, making Greener Grasses™ Alkalizer the most alkalizing product we make. In addition, Greener Grasses™ Alkalizer has a slightly sweet malty flavor that many find enjoyable. Many people enjoy boosting the alkalizing potential of their Vitamineral Green™ smoothies/drinks even further by adding in extra Greener Grasses™ Alkalizer.

Q: Why should I take spirulina if I already take Vitamineral Green™?

A: Spirulina is a great source of high-quality, bioavailable protein (70%), beta-carotene and other carotenoids, along with B vitamins, iron, chlorophyll, and phytonutrients. Vitamineral Green™ is 40% spirulina and chlorella, two phenomenally micronutrient nutrient-rich, high-protein-content algae, but many people like to boost the protein content of their smoothies/drinks even further by adding in extra spirulina.

Q: I am on blood thinner and must be aware of my vitamin K intake. How much K will I get from a daily dose of Vitamineral Green™?

A: Green foods are rich in vitamin K1, and vitamin K1 is known to help coagulate the blood. If you are eating a lot of Vitamineral Green, along with other vitamin K rich foods (e.g., kale, basil, brussel sprouts, hot spices, asparagus, etc.), while taking blood thinning medication, it is possible that the high levels of vitamin k in your diet will counteract your medication. Note that there are many natural substances that provide blood thinning properties (garlic, flax seeds, ginger, gingko biloba, etc.).

Q: What is the best way to take Earth™?

A: Mix Vitamineral Earth™ into purified water, sun teas, fresh vegetable and/or fruit juices, nut/seed milks, smoothies, homemade or store-bought salad dressings. You can also simply sprinkle Earth™ directly onto any food (e.g., green salads, quinoa salad).

Unlike the green superfoods, Earth™ may be heated. Add to hot herbal tea or soups. In this case, the heat will help to steep out the medicinal phytonutrients in the roots, barks, and herbs. You will destroy the probiotics, enzymes, and some other nutrients by heating, but the medicinal aspects of the Earth™ botanicals become even more potent (bioavailable) when the energy of fire is applied. If you want to maximize amount of detoxification, immune strengthening, and general healing support from these phenomenal phytonutrient-rich roots, barks, and herbs, add Earth™ to a hot herbal tea or soup. Generally, people like to consume Earth™ heated in the winter, when immune and detoxification support are most needed.

In the summer, many people like to leave Earth™ raw to maximize the nutritional support provided by these micronutrient-rich roots, barks, and herbs. Note that you still get significant amounts of healing medicinal phytonutrients when you consume Earth™ raw as well, as Earth™ contains large amounts of probiotics that will help to release the phytonutrients in these roots, barks and herbs when left raw.

In summary, Earth™ is an amazingly versatile superfood that goes well in both sweet and savory foods, either hot or cold. Tune into your intuition to discern the best way to take this product for your body at any given time.

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