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Vitamineral Green SuperFood for Rejuvenation by HealthForce Nutritionals at

HealthForce Nutritionals is a 20+ year 100% hardcore vegan therapeutic superfoods company. HealthForce was co-founded in 1990 by Dr Jameth Sheridan and Kim Sheridan, ethical vegans and hardcore herbal medicine researchers. HealthForce Nutritionals empowers individuals to experience dramatic health improvements with verified TruGanic™, Vegan, Raw, Superfood products formulated and selected by Dr Jameth Sheridan for vibrant health, rejuvenation and wellness.

The foundational product are the Superfood Vitamineral™ Green a Vital Healing Food™ with a companion of Vitamineral™ Earth™ a Sacred Healing Food™ both designed to support excellent health, energy, rejuvenation and balance.

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